Anyone want to know where my forum name and avatar come from? Well, it had to be a mad mage of some sort, ...

Welcome. Erstam's Realm is a site primarily dedicated to mods for the Elder Scrolls games from Bethesda Softworks, listing every project I was involved in to some extent.

10-02-06 - Site launched
After this domain has been serving as a mere file dump for more than fifteen months, I finally got to create a website to showcase my stuff. As of now, it's only Morrowind mods, and it's certainly a little late for a game that's near the end of its life cycle. But with Oblivion soon to be released, this might change in the not so distant future... well, provided the game won't be a complete disappointment for me, something I can only tell after I've played it. From a modder's perspective, it will offer some great possibilities for creating larger projects, while on the other side, many things have been cut, narrowed down, or simply not implemented though it might have been easy to do. We'll see...

In addition, I'm planning to occasionally update the site with short blurbs about various themes, gaming related or others. Check Erstam's speech bubble on the main page. ;)