Here you find links to mods from other authors I contributed something to, if only a tiny little bit. To be honest, this page is probably just an excuse to have another button on the navigation bar, but these mods really deserve to be linked from many places.

Seamless meshes for Better Bodies
Well, who doesn't know about Better Bodies? Made by the talented folks at Psychodog Studios, this mod has become the de-facto standard among body replacers. It replaces the ugly, segmented, puppet-like original body parts with new continuous meshes that look better and more natural, while still maintaining a high compatibility with the original armor and clothing.

However, in the previous versions of BB the seams beween the different body parts still appeared under certain lighting conditions. After version 2.1 had been released, I found a way to fix this problem by patching the already exported meshes with a small, custom written program. If you are curious about the details, read this post on the PDS forums. The new meshes have been included in the current version 2.2, which you can download via the link below.

You can also download the Smoother program here which I used to patch the meshes (sometimes also called "Erstam's Fantabulous Seamless Machine" :D). But be warned, this is a simple console app and everything but user-friendly, and it's definitely only for people who are already familiar with hex editing and 3D terminology. Read the included instructions carefully.

Official Better Bodies download page

Download the Smoother program

Book Rotate
This is a widely used mod written by Cydine and Maboroshi Daikon. It lets you arrange your book collection in a tidy way. When you repeatedly drop a book, it cycles through various positions, standing vertically or horizontally, so you can arrange the books on bookshelves like one would normally do, instead of having them all lie on their back.

Honestly, the only thing I've contributed to this mod are two minor bugfixes and the suggestion to make open skill books patchable. But I'm including it here since it's in a certain sense the older sibling of the Weapon Rotate mod I've had a part in making, and because it's a real classic anyway that no one should miss.

Download Book Rotate 5.3 from Planet Elder Scrolls