This is a quick summary of download links for the mods described in the sections above. Most of the files aren't hosted on Erstam's Realm; the links lead to major download sites (like Planet Elder Scrolls) or to the respective home pages instead.

Lothavor's Legacy 1.03 (Planet Elder Scrolls)
Lothavor's Legacy walkthrough (local download)

Suran Hillside Manor (local download)

Weapon Rotate 1.1 (Planet Elder Scrolls)
Weapon Rotate Patcher 2.1 (for Weapon Rotate 1.0, local download)

Dave Humphrey's Furniture 2.01 (Planet Elder Scrolls)
DH Furniture update 2.0 to 2.01 (local download)

Fidel's Underwater Palace tileset (local download)

Better Bodies 2.2 (Psychodog Studios home page)
BB mesh smoother program (local download)

Book Rotate 5.3 (Planet Elder Scrolls)