Joint projects
These are projects I've worked on together with others, or other people's mods I've thoroughly reworked and released with their permission. This is usually the way I get into doing something - I download a mod, like it, and think: "Hey, this is great - but it could be even better...". And then I create something out of it for my personal use, and sometimes, months later, I say to myself "Hmm, I could as well release it."

Weapon Rotate
A mod made by Cydine, Maboroshi Daikon, and me. The name reminds of the famous Book Rotate mod (also written by Cydine and Maboroshi), for a reason. It's based on the same principles and goals - to allow the player to arrange and display his items in a more tidy and orderly way.

Weapon Rotate features various beautiful weapon racks you can buy from several vendors. Unlike other mods that allow for objects being rotated, you don't have to go through a menu every time you place (or pick up) a weapon. Simply drop the weapon on the right spot on a rack, and it will rotate and snap to the correct position. Quick and easy.

How the weapons will be displayed depends on the rack you drop them on. There are vertical weapon stands, table mounts, wall racks with multiple brackets, and single wall mounts that are particularily suitable for displaying bows. But, except for a few cases, every weapon in the game fits on any rack.

Included is a Patcher utility that you'll need to apply the rotation scripts to the weapons you've enchanted before installing WR, or to apply them to weapons from mods that use standard Bethesda models. Again, this is similar to what you know from Book Rotate.

If you have further questions, or problems running the mod, please read the Weapon Rotate FAQ and Troubleshooting thread on the Elder Scrolls forums.

Because of the script functions being used, Weapon Rotate requires either the Tribunal or the Bloodmoon expansion, or the GotY edition of Morrowind.

Screenshots: (click the thumbnails to see the large version)

Download Weapon Rotate 1.1 from Planet Elder Scrolls

Download the updated Patcher (only if you have Weapon Rotate 1.0)

Dave Humphrey's Furniture Shop
Originally written by Dave Humphrey, this mod adds over 400 furniture items from standard Morrowind and Tribunal that you can buy, pick up and move, allowing you to completely refurnish your own house while in the game. Items include all the typical house furnishings (tables, chairs, beds, etc...), plants and trees for decorating outside your house, and placeable containers to store your loot. A special ring allows you to lock most furniture items in place so you cannot accidently move them.

The furniture is available at shops in Balmora, Vivec, and Hla Oad. An additional plugin provides various houses of different size (and price!) for you to purchase. These homes are empty and leave the lighting, design, and use completely up to you.

Version 2.0 is a thorough rework done by me, adding many features and items, improving the scripts, and making it cleaner and less prone to mod conflicts. The biggest change in this version is that larger objects now have collision (i.e. objects above the size of a chair, or objects that are supposed to block your path, like wallscreens). That is, you can now jump onto tables instead of walking through them.

Much care has been taken for furniture handling to be as smooth and natural as possible for the player. For instance, objects won't lock themselves in place before you leave the menu mode, so you can try around and easily correct mistakes without having to go through a menu each time you pick it up again. The "aligh to world axes" option helps helps to place your furniture against walls. Objects that don't stand on the ground (like tapestries, cupboards and lanterns) pop to some reasonable height after you've dropped them and can be moved later. Harvestable plants show the normal container interface instead of a message, and armor mannequins can be placed, carried around, and dropped again as many times as you wish.

This mod has many more features you can learn about in the extensive readme. In addition, you can buy the book "Art of Furniture Placement" (a brief in-game manual) at the furniture stores.

The Tribunal expansion is required to run the plugin.

Screenshots: (click the thumbnails to see the large version)

Download DH Furniture 2.01 from Planet Elder Scrolls

Download Update 2.0 to 2.01 (bugfix update if you have the previous version)

Fidel's Underwater Palace, tileset version
(Modders' resource)
This is fidel's Underwater Palace, broken up into a tileset. Some minor flaws that were present in the original have been fixed as well.

One advantage of this tileset over the "monolithic" palace model is that you can easily create different layouts of the building in the editor. The other has to do with how the Morrowind engine processes lighting. One single object can only receive light from six different light sources, additional ones have no effect (they will only light themselves and other objects). So if you want to place many lights inside the palace, this is the way to go.

Besides several texturing fixes, Texture mapping has been slightly changed on some model parts to give them a better look. Some extras have been added, like staircases and 2nd floor inlays.

The tileset is designed to work with a grid snap setting of 64 units. Elements that have glass parts come in an interior and exterior variant. These are basically the same, except that the glass is transparent only on the interior tiles.

Included is a small plugin for demonstration purposes. Note that compared to the screenshots, all non-Bethesda art has been removed from the plugin. To quickly get to the palace, enter the Telvanni-style door at the Seyda Neen warehouse, then swim to the airlock. Or open the console and type COC "Underwater Structure", and find the entrance.

The demo plugin requires Tribunal to run, but of course the tileset can be used with plain Morrowind.

Screenshots: (click the thumbnails to see the large version)

Download Fidel's Underwater Palace tileset