Erstam's mods
These are the mods I can call myself the sole, or main, author of (besides using resources made by other modders, listed in the Credits section of the readmes).

Lothavor's Legacy
Solve the mystery of a secluded island and its inhabitants.

Near the docks at Sadrith Mora you find an old Nord sailor, Torlof Sigurdsson. He tells you about his brother who had acquired an old map of an unknown island one year ago, sailed there hoping to find some undiscovered treasures, but never returned. Recently Torlof visited that location to find out what happened to him, but as he approached the island, he suddenly felt so scared that he immediately returned without having set a foot on it. And now he's looking for a bold adventurer who might help him.

Torlof offers to ferry you to the island. When you arrive, you find a bunch of young people living there who welcome you friendly. But after some time you find yourself in a strait situation you'd never have expected, and you realize that you're in the grasp of an untold power you'll have to deal with if you want to proceed...

Feature list:
  • built on Hurdy Gurdy's awsome little island he donated to the community in early 2003
  • a storyline that will capture your character's mind and soul (quite literally - but no, you won't get soultrapped).
  • gameplay focuses on character interaction and puzzle-solving rather than fighting and travelling over large distances
  • Two difficulty levels. This affects how many hints will be given (or how precise they are) and the difficulty of some of the puzzles, as well as affecting many other things.
  • geared at character levels 10 - 40, strength of enemies (and scripted damage) depends on your stats
  • players with their uber characters who are used to solve all problems by slaughtering everyone in sight won't have a good time...
  • eight different NPCs, each with his/her own personality, dialog, and mini-quests
  • New scripted NPC AI, with randomized daily schedules, moving over large distances (even through unloaded cells), sleeping at night. They react on waking them up, sleeping in their beds, sticking too close to them, etc.
  • Custom disposition control that makes bribing pointless and admiring less effective
  • develop a romance with one of 4 male / female NPCs. You won't make an explicit choice - it will depend on the attention you pay to each of them.
  • lots of cool scripted stuff, some things (AFAIK) unseen in any Morrowind mod before
  • cutscene-type dreams
  • end boss modeled from scratch, wielding a special kind of weapon
  • Near the end of the storyline you have the choice to side with evil and do an optional questline on Vvardenfell (though you won't be very happy with that decision in the long run...)
Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.

This is the updated version 1.03 which contains various fixes. See the readme for details.
Please do NOT switch from earlier versions to 1.03 while you are playing this mod. Start this plugin from a clean savegame only. Otherwise you might experience errors or other problems.

Screenshots: (click the thumbnails to see the large version)

Download Lothavor's Legacy 1.03 from Planet Elder Scrolls

Download the walkthrough (already included with the mod)

Suran Hillside Manor
This house mod has only been "unofficially" released on the Elder Scrolls forums some time ago. Originally it was to become the personal home for one of my characters. It is located on the hill range south of Suran, close to the silt strider port.

What's special about this house is that the rooms are actually built in the exterior world. That is, you can look out of the (many) windows and see the real landscape outside. The manor consists of two parts, the house above the ground which has a certain modern, "holiday residence" feel, and a magnificent underground hall in the basement (this is an actual interior cell). It contains many of dongle's glass panes, windows and doors, as well as some other objects made by him, so it's also sort of a tribute to his work.

Although the house itself is finished and can be used as it is, it's only partly furnished, and meant to be customized by you for your own taste and needs, either in the CS or using one of the buyable furniture mods (hint hint). Anyway, feel free to dissect it and use parts of it (or all) for your own mods.

The plugin requires both expansions. It changes the landscape of cell (6, -6).

Screenshots: (click the thumbnails to see the large version)

Download Suran Hillside Manor